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It is generally preferred that the client be present for the duration of the inspection.  You are free to follow along and ask questions, or simply wait until the end summery.  

However, a signed contract is  required before the inspection can begin.

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Do I need to be present at the inspection?

Fees are based on the home's square footage and build year.  Extra fees are added for guest houses, detached garages and other additional structures.  All prices and fees will be discussed prior to the inspection and payment is required before report delivery.

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What is the cost of an Inspection?
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What items are NOT inspected?
Will you provide repair estimates?

A home inspector can only report on issues that he or she observes and make recommendations on next steps.  Generally, that next step will be to contact a specialist (carpenter, plumber, HVAC tech, etc.) depending on the issues discovered.  

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You may cancel or reschedule any inspection by phone or email up to 24 hours before your scheduled time.

If a cancelation or reschedule is requested less than 24 hours prior to the original appointment, a fee of $100 may be imposed.

Can I reschedule my Inspection?

In most cases, you will receive the report the same day as the inspection.  In some cases it may take up to 24 hours to process, depending on the length of the report.

The report is only  delivered to the client, or a designated party, and may be sent via Email, USPS or Dropbox.

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When will I receive my report?

Home Inspectors are barred from moving furniture, probing walls, or likewise, changing the state of the home in any way.  We can report on only what is accessible and available to view.


Though we do not  inspect landscaping or irrigation, we will inform you of any visible issues.


We cannot test for asbestos, but will inform you if the possibility of presence exists.


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