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Our Services

Pueblo Home Inspections 

offers a comprehensive visual investigation of your home, condo, or office.  Think of us as a primary care physician for your home.  We will take a broad scope perspective on the condition and serviceability of your home's habitation systems.  Though the inspection is mostly superficial in nature, we will refer you to a contract specialist should we discover a flaw that needs to be addressed.  


Being Independent 

means that we view each inspection with eyes of the client in mind.  No agency or affiliation influences the data we collect and present to you so you can be assured you are receiving unbiased information.  We will give you an honest and accurate representation of the condition of your home and evaluate if any next steps need to be made


11th Month Warranty Inspection
Supplimental Inspections
Buyer's Inspection
Property Condition Inspection (PCI)

This type of  inspection is ordered by the potential buyer of a property. Most commonly, this takes place during the 10-day inspection period granted in most Arizona Real Estate Contracts. This inspection will reveal any findings to the buyer, and the buyer then chooses to proceed with the sale, counter offer, or in rare cases back out of the deal.

This inspection is the same scope as the Buyer's Inspection; the only difference being it is not associated with a real estate transaction. This is for the wise consumer who understands the investment and value factor a home represents.  You visit the doctor, the dentist, go to the mechanic, why not take the same measures with your most expensive investment?  Think of it as preventative medicine for your home.


If you have purchased a home warranty, it is a very good idea to utilize a home inspector to see if any issues need to be addressed prior to the expiration of your protection.  

If you do not feel that you need a full property inspection, we do offer A La Carte options:

  • ​Roof condition

  • Major Appliance

  • Outbuildings

  • Pools/Spas

  • Bathrooms

  • Casitas

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