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"I was pleasently surprised at how promptly my phone calls were returned and how quickly I received my  report at the end of the inspection.  Greg was thorough, affordable and very personable.  I HIGHLY recommend Pueblo Home Inspections!"

-Heather D.



"Joe was not only hilarious, but highly knowledgeable!  He was able to find these tiny defects my husband and I never noticed after living in this house for years.  He came out within 24 hours of my call and we were able to make some needed repairs before we put our home on the market.  I am very grateful to Joe and Greg for their excellent service!"

-Faith S.

"I am so fortunate I called Pueblo Home Inspections before putting my home on the market!  They identified a couple issues with an addition we had put on that needed to be addressed.  We made the fixes and sold the house with ease!  Thanks guys!" 


 - Michael H.

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